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  Новости дня
Taporel Electric Bulk Raw Material Tender Notice
Опубликовано:2015-10-10 | Обзор: 810 【Закрыть эту страницу
After the research of Taporel Electrical director board,we decide to carry out bidding for the purchasing of bulk raw material, which include:
1、Electric insulation non-alkali and non-twist fiberglass(E-glass and ECR glass,about 500 tons demands per month)
2、 Epoxy resin (applied to pultrusion process,about 80 tons demands per month)
3、Methyl tetrahydropthalic anhydride( about 80 tons demands per month)
4、150 tons vinyl resin unsaturated polyester resin.
Welcome all competitive raw material manufacturers sigh up to participate in bidding.If you are interested, pls sned your company information,quotation and contact details to below email address110230245@qq.com. Thanks for yoursupport ,and we will make evaluation and contact you as soon as we receive your email.
You can browse http://www.taporel.com to know more information.
Taporel Electrical Bidding Office
October 03rd , 2015
ООО ТАПОРЕЛ ТЕХНИКА ЭЛЕКТРОИЗОЛЯЙИЯ, пров. ШААНСИ ADD: No.9 Jingwei 10th Road, Jinghe Industrial Zone, Xi’an, China
Почтовый код:710204 Тел.:+86-29-86031628 86030283 86033628 86033566 86031923 86031636 Факс:+86-29-86031253
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