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Leader of the Ministry of Commerce Xu Bing and his colleagues come to visit (Taporel Electrical) and do research
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March 31, 2017, Director of the Ministry of Commerce Xu Bing, Director of Foreign Trade Center Xiao Rong, totally five people accompanied by the leaders from Shaanxi Provincial Department of Commerce, Xi'an Municipal Bureau of Commerce, made a research in Taporel Electrical.
Chairman of Taporel Electrical, Wu Yamin personally received the director of Xu Bing and his party. And he also expressed sincere welcome and thanks for their grass-roots investigation in private enterprises.
Director Xu made a detailed research on Taporel’s operating conditions of recent years. Especially for product exports, foreign investment, and country’s "Belt and Road Initiative" strategy to go out. Xu conducted an important research and gave guiding advice to private enterprises’ participation situation and the difficulties encountered in Go-out Policy. Director Xu gave full affirmation and praise to Taporel for their efforts in 20 years of independent innovation, to create an internationally renowned brand, 2016 exports exceeded 12 million US dollars, and Europe and the United States high-end market and product positioning high quality.
Yang Ningfang, deputy general manager of Taporel Electrical, presented enterprise’s basic information with PPT to the guests, then Director Xu and his colleagues visited the production site and asked enterprises to increase the robot investment to improve labor productivity, thereby enhancing the efficiency of enterprises.
Leaders from Shaanxi Provincial Department of Commerce leadership, Xi'an Municipal Bureau of Commerce accompanied the research.

  Taporel Electrical Information Office

   March 31, 2017

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Add: No.9 Jingwei 10th Road, Jinghe Industrial Zone, Xi’an , China
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