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2015 New Year speech from the Chairman of Taporel Electrical

Carrying a dream,move forward without fear

With full of struggle and harvest joy,2014 is going by. 2015 is coming with our hope and longings. In the first day of this new year, I sincerely say thanks to all the Taporel Electrical workers in the production line. I sincerely show my gratitude to the old comrades who struggle with me for so many years! You worked hard! I also should deliver my appreciation to our customers and suppliers..I sincerely wish you and your family safe, healthy and happy every day from the bottom of my heart.

2014 is doomed to be a memorable year.Li keqiang index,fine tuning,the new normal, the housing price bubble,??raising interest rates, Xi Dada, China dream, One Belt and One Road, these words circle around our ears.?Anti-corruption, big tiger, series corruption are heart stirring and dazzling our eyes.?The drop in oil price and currency devaluation make us feel the coldness from the economic downturn.?

2014 is doomed to be a memorable year. The rod?lines of our North Zone make full production to ensure the delivery requirments of our national and foreign customers. The quality of epoxy resin fiberglass winding tube have been improved greatly.Customer complaint rate is declining.The draft of Chinese UHV composite insulator standard we participate is near completion.?Our dream of "creating one-hundred-year Taporel Electrical" ?is not empty talk,and the business philosophy of ?"what we market is responsibility and conscience" has been agreed by this field. In the hearts of Taporel employees, "quality is the life of Taporel Electrical" is not only an empty slogan, so we win more and more customers.We realized the goal we set at the ?beginning of this year.

Time and tide wait for no man, only diligence and perseverence will be rewarded.Only we work hard, go ahead with innovation, unswervingly adhere to the first-class and reliable quality, Taporel Electrical could stay in an invincible position. We feel fully confident about this.

We may taste the fruits of victory and harvest the joy of success?in 2014,so let's make persistent efforts for?greater?prosperity?in 2015 again ;We may suffer setbacks and experience frustration, it doesn’t no matter, with?chastened?stubbornness and strength, Taporel Electrical will welcome another bumper year.?

Great trees are good for nothing but shade. With China dream as belief and national good policy as support, we should gather our spirits,seize the opportunity and walk down-to-earth towards the glorious ideals.
Written in Sanya on NewYear’s Day in 2015

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