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The leader from State Grid Xiangyang company came to Taporel Electrical to guide and check work
Posted:2016-06-03 | Browse: 1100 【Close this page

From May 31th to June 1st 2016, the leader from StateGridXiangyangcompany 3 persons came to Taporel Electricalcheck workand communicate with each other of business.

The Deputy General Manager Mr. Zhang Haichao from Taporel Electrical introduced company profiles of PPT and quality control PPT.

The leaders were satisfied with the execution of ex-factory one by one powerfrequency test on rod from Taporel Electrical, and spoke highly of thedielectric strength of rod produced by Taporel Electrical can reach to 40KV/m (10S) .

At the same time, the leaders discussed 220KV suspension type composite housingZinc oxide lightning arrester insulating tube with technician from Taporel Electrical.

Whereafter, the StateGridcompany confirmed delivery circle of UHV AC transmission line insulator rod in±800KV in Shanghai Miao–Shangdong and Yuheng-Weifang project.

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