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2016 New Year speech from the Chairman of 【Taporel Electrical】
Posted:2016-02-01 | Browse: 1241 【Close this page

With new year’s coming step, we are saying goodbye to 2015 full of hardness and challenge, and welcome 2016 with hope and inspiration.I sincerely thank all the WISH workers in the production line. I sincerely show my gratitude to the employesss and their families and send my new year blessing to my colleagues,business partners. Sincerely wish all of you healthy and happy in the coming year.

The past year is destined to be extraordinary.The global economy is weak with increasingly fierce competition, but our transmission and distribution industry still has unique landscape. Our ultra-high voltage (1100 kv) insulator core rod (dia60mm) has been approved and purchasedby well-known insulator manufacturers in China.The domestic sales increased by 20% compared with last year, the product export break through 10 million dollars.
2016 is a period full of opportunity for Taporel Electrical,because 600 billion is invested by government to upgrade the grid, and the national grid "three vertical and four horizontal" UHV engineering started construction in succession.In the New Year, we always adhere to the concept of "what we market is the responsibility and conscience" , always stick to the purpose of providing cost-effective products high-value service to our customers and partners.We continue to pursue the spirit of unity and solidarity, build international brand and lay a solid foundation for ’our one-hundred-year Taporel’ dream.
It will be our 20 years anniversary in 2016.It is still a long way for us to go.We never stop.

At last, again wish everyone safe,healthy and happy each day.


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