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The development of big diamater rod has gained excellent acheivement, it tributes the 20years of establishment our factory
Posted:2015-08-28 | Browse: 1482 【Close this page
TaporelElecrtical,as a professional supplier of the electrical insulation material,has been commited to
the research and development of new products since being founded. We developed and produced
the dia220mm length 4500mm on the June,2015,this is more excellent achivement which was
followed by the dia180mm .The dia220mm,length4500mmhas been uesd in Unv pillar composite
insulator, which is the best gift for the 20years of established our factory.

BecauseTaporel Electrical ,which has been well known the professional manufactures of Chinese
the most authoritative,the big scale composite insulator rod,had gained outstanding acheivement in
relevent test item of big diameter rods.
Thequality of inspectors are conducting dye penetration,water diffusion,tension,cranking ,etc and a
series of elelctircal and mechanicla performance test according to pillar of composite insulator
mandrel uhv technology conditions and relevant standardGB/T 19519DL/T 864DL/T810IEC61109). The results totally meet the standars.

TheΦ220mm*4500mm uhv pillar composite insulator,which had been developed and produced by
tne Taporel Electrical, select the high strength glass fiber as reinforcing material, and use a vacuum
robber injectionpultrusion molding. Although we have low production efffiency,the performence are
excellent ,and the products can stand up the performence tests of the third party.
Weinsist that Taporel people should have good style of being earnest man and doing conscientious
So far,the products,which had been made up this kind of big diameter rod,has been used in Uhv reactor
support legs and Uhv composite insulated busbar pillar1000kv uhv reactor support legsUhv composite
insulated busbar pillar . It has excellent aseisnic function and excellent insulating performence.this product has
been listed in the important promoting products and has been promoted in this industry.This action is boosting
the publicity of Taporel ,meanwhile is taking into new vality of Taporel substainable development.
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