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Thermo Resistant Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic Rod for Organic Composite Insulator
Posted:2013-04-17 | Browse: 2637 【Close this page

Organic composite insulator is cohered by fiberglass rod with strong tensile strength and electrical insulation performance and the silicone rubber housing with outside insulation performance.It has the characters of light weight,non-frangibility,anti pollution and wet flashover,which is a replacement of traditional high voltage porcelain insulators step by step.

Technical Parameters

The epoxy resin substrate:

ViscosityPA.S/25℃ 0.10—0.12

Storage life DAG/25℃6—8

Gel time SEC/170℃ 30—50


Thermo Resistant Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic Rod:

Tensile strength MPA ≥600

Bending strength MPA ≥600

Shearing strength along laminalsMPA ≥50

Water absorption %≤0.05

Leakage current (MA) ≤1

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