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  Pultrusion&winding rod

I,Product overview

It is produced by secondary wet winding with non-alkali glass fiber yarn(E/ECR, as per customer's requirement), and processed according to required size and confirmed technology. The production is discontinuous.

The main technology is to solve the interface problem between pultrusion rod and winding layer,ensuring that no crack occurs on the interlayer interfaces during the production of composite post insulator, and no crack occurs when composite post insulators being used under high voltage and under outdoor complicated natural environment.

II,Product testing standards.

As per the dye penetration test and water diffusion test method in GB19519 and IEC61109

III,Main application

Normally used in the production of extra high voltage composite post insulator.

In China, it is usually used to produce composite post insulator above 220KV. Such as power station bus bar post insulator above 500KV , DC +800kv UHV power station bus bar post insulator, UHV dry type reactor insulation support and insulation post used for UHV disconnector

Piture 1, Sectional drawing of pultrusion&winding electrical insulation core rod

Picture 2, Normally used in the production of extra-high voltage composite post insulator.

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