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  E-glass rod

1.Capacity: 100 Pultrusion lines, the largest manufacturer of composite insulator rods in China.

2.Technique: the only one using vacuum injection technique without mould release agent.
3.Test: Rods passed tests in domestic labs, including WHVRI,CEMT,XIHARI, especially passed KEMA tests in the Netherlands and 7200h stress corrosion test.
4.Standards: IEC, ASTM, GB,DL
5.Application: Rods operate in high voltage lines up to 1000kV.
1. Range: Diameter Ф5-Ф130 mm; Length 0-12.5 m
Based on properties, rods are classified into High temperature resistant type (E-glass Rod) and High temperature & acid resistant type (E-glass Rod).

Based on application, rods are classified into 7 types:
for composite suspension & tension insulators (Diameter Ф16—Ф40)
for composite pin insulators((Diameter Ф24---Ф53)
for composite cross arm insulators(Diameter Ф28—Ф80)
for composite post insulator (Diameter Ф28—Ф130)
for composite surge arresters(Diameter Ф5—Ф40)
for composite fuse cutout (Diameter Ф19—Ф36)
3. Color: Light green, brown, black
Highlight: Performance of our E-glass rods is higher than normal rods by 20%, suitable for application to all kinds of composite insulators manufacture techniques, especially to injection technique.

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