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FRP perforator, also called FRP threader is a perfect assistant tool of a guide rope in pipelines. Its smooth and elastic appearance makes the perforator go through narrow channels.
It is made of three parts: copper core, fiberglass reinforced layer and LDPE protection layer( smooth, solid, severe environment resistant). Copper core conductor makes it easily place in different ways.
FRP perforator features in time-saving, labor-saving and working efficiency improvement, corrosion resistant, good elasticity and long life, applicable to cleaning of telecommunication pipelines and placeing of fiber cables, electric cables and plastic son tubes.
FRP perferator is fixed on a little cart made of flat iron or circular tube. In this way, it makes the perforator cross on the cart orderly and improves the efficiency in construction.
When using, firstly, extract the pole from the traction wheel;then,connect with corresponding metal head and go into the pipeline. For cleaning, the guide head drives the cleaning tools to clean pipelines.For placing cables, guide the steel wire or iron wire which then guide the cables into the pipeline.
Combining the actual construction experience and overseas customers' requirments, we develop the latest FRP perforator specially for export. We make great improvment on original perforators, using ABS raw material,adding special materials and changing the original glue. More advanced and beautiful design is applied to the little cart and connection tools. In this way, further improvment on the quality is achieved.

Main properties
Temperature range:-40~+80℃
Min. bending diameter:300mm
Traction section crack tension:2.5T  
Line diameter density:150g/m
Specification:4.5mm,6mm,8mm,9mm,10mm,11mm,12mm,13mm,14mm, etc.
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